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Amato Image Design

Tony is the in-house graphics guru for our organization, he is a very talented visual artist and makes our CD projects look great. For music, corporate or fine art needs, give Amato a call.

Red Blade Media

Competitive pricing and great service for all of your CD/DVD and marketing projects.

Tempest Recording

Dare I say, the foremost recording guy in the Phoenix Metro area, Clarke has a great pile of gear, cool room and has worked on boatloads of great records. Visit this site for more info, but if you have a good sounding group of musicians and want a great set of ears to record it, this is the guy.

Jerry Donato

Friend and great saxman, Jerry Donato. Check out his new album, "It's A Cool Heat", which also features LA jazz piano legend Pete Jolly in his last recording sessions.

Manley Laboratories

I own some of Manley's gear and it IS really really good stuff. The company has been great to work with, very interested in me as a customer, the gear sounds great and is rock solid...hand-built electronics don't get much better than this.

Bob Corritore

Owner of Phoenix's premiere blues club, the Rhythm Room. Also, a fine harp player in his own right, and host of "Those Low Down Blues" on KJZZ...he knows more about the blues than any one human should.

Beck's Guitar Specialty Services

Builder of fine hand crafted acoustic guitars and one helluva nutty guy. Beck works on many "superstar guitars"; he builds, repairs, re-fretts, and in general can make your instrument play like buttah!


Very nice valley studio, as well as a nice-guy-owner Scott Seyman. He gets great sounds and offers a wide variety of musical and technical services. Check his site and give him a call.

Summit Records

Tempe based Jazz & Classical record label, large catalog and many great artists.

Comedy Central

The biggest laugh in my business these days...check the site for Crank Yankers CD's, these are funny. They have lots of other discs by comics like Jim Breuer, Dave know the network now get the discs!